You hate color.. However your parents want you go to the colorful ending but you want to go to the dark ending. Can you?

The goal of the game is to avoid the colorful doors as much as possible by either spamming one of the arrow keys in the direction you want to go to and/or using 6 blocks which you can spawn anywhere to block you from moving.... You must stay alive for 30 seconds to get to the next level


Left Mouse Button: Spawn 1/6 of your blocks in that location

Arrow Keys: Jump and move slightly to that location

I had to go to a vacation so I only had time to make 5 levels so it might be short.


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I like the idea of having to avoid something that is forcefully pulling/attracting you. If you were to continue to flesh out this idea, I'd like to see a little more puzzle/action element to the game. As it stands now, tapping the left arrow rapidly is all I needed to do to finish the game.

Still, interesting game! Keep up the good work!

Did you place blocks to help you or did you just click it? Also thanks!

I did initially place blocks, but found that I didn't need them. Tapping the arrow key was enough in all cases.